Training Tools: 3 Ways to Measure Effective Training

Employee training is an important part of any corporation, and as such, most spend quite a bit of time and money on programs to train their new and existing workers. Often all of that time and money goes to waste if you’re not keeping track of how effective your employee training really is. Ahead, we’ll take a look at three ways that you can measure the effectiveness of employee training so that you can better manage and get the most out of it.

1. Pretests and Post tests

One of the easiest and most immediate ways to test the effectiveness of training is to administer pre- and post- training tests to your employees. The pretest will gauge the employee’s knowledge or performance prior to being trained, and then the post test will evaluate the employee’s knowledge or performance afterwards. Measuring these against each other will give you an idea of how helpful the training was to your employee. If your employees consistently underperform in certain areas, you’ll be able to identify these as areas that your training program is struggling in, and adjust it accordingly.

Post tests can also be a valuable way for you to record your employees’ reactions to the training. You want your employees to feel that their training courses were helpful and worth their time, and allowing them the option to leave feedback shortly after completing training can help your company stay on target with your training projects.

2. Follow Up Interviews

The next level of measuring training effectiveness is measuring changes in behavior and performance over time. Having regular meetings where a supervisor interviews your employees will help monitor whether or not your employee training is taking hold in practice. If your employees are learning the material they are taught but their performance is not changing, it may be time to reevaluate whether your employee training (as well as workplace environment) is aligning with your company’s goals.

3. Company Outcomes

The long-term determinant of whether or not your employee training is effective is whether or not it’s having an impact on your company as a whole. This is the most difficult thing to measure, and yet, the most important. This determines whether you’re getting tangible benefits out of the time and money you invest in training your employees. Some of these outcomes may include:

  • Company Earnings
  • Workplace Morale
  • Waste and Misplaced Funds
  • Customer Satisfaction

These outcomes may not manifest immediately, but measuring these things can help to identify problems or shortcomings further up the line.
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