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Talent Management Suite vs. Best-in-Class Learning Management System Our strategy is simple: We belief that people should have choices and get the best possible solution for their needs. If something changes, they can look at alternatives and make a change. When organizations adopt a single suite of solutions—the Swiss Army Knife approach—from a single provider, it […]

When I attend trade shows and ask people how they like their legacy LMS, I usually get rolling eyeballs, followed by a sigh and an emphatic, “no at all.” The research on satisfaction levels certainly confirmed this general attitude about the market leaders. There are dozens of out-dated, legacy learning management system (LMS) and talent management […]

In our 21st century knowledge economy, an organization’s ability to accumulate and apply critical expertise is the hallmark of success. Organizations that know how to learn, disseminate best practices, and stay on top of changes in the market will outlast their competitors. One of the most important tools that organizations can use to embed these […]

We know that it is a demographic reality that businesses will face a war for talent in the coming years. Even in the midst of an economic downturn, we are seeing signs that the competition to attract and retain talent is in full force. I spoke with a business owner recently, who said, “The tables have turned; employees hold all of the cards—it is so hard to find and keep good people…employees now hold the power.” The battle for talent may be the defining success factor for businesses in the coming decades.