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A number of years ago, I read an excellent book that is a great blueprint for leaders of training & development departments. I have enjoyed a number of books by the co-authors, Jack Phillips, who writes a lot about measuring the return on investment (ROI) for learning and development. The book, The Chief Learning Officer: […]

When I attend trade shows and ask people how they like their legacy LMS, I usually get rolling eyeballs, followed by a sigh and an emphatic, “no at all.” The research on satisfaction levels certainly confirmed this general attitude about the market leaders. There are dozens of out-dated, legacy learning management system (LMS) and talent management […]

By Jake White, CPLP – Torch LMS Many industries are facing a unique blend of human capital challenges. These challenges include attracting skilled talent to the industry, retaining and engaging top performers, and ensuring that their people have the skills required to make the business successful. Most industries also face challenges in preparing the next generation of […]

On Jan. 19, 2009 Fortune Magazine ran an article stating that, “Recessions end…When this lousy stretch is over will your company be more competitive or less? The most successful companies never stop funding their most critical competencies…For virtually all companies, a critical part of their core is the continual development of employees. Yet it’s remarkable how many […]