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Employee training is an important part of running an effective company. But it can get expensive. How expensive? The Association of Talent Development estimates that the average is about $1,208 per employee. If you’re part of a smaller organization (less than 500 employees) that number increases to $1,888! Clearly, companies are making employee training a […]

Businesses need leadership programs more than ever. As the Baby Boomer generation begins to exit the workforce, the next generation of leaders need to be developed to take on new leadership responsibilities. There are thousands of books on leadership. It can be daunting to identify a leadership development model that works for your organization. From […]

By Jake White, CPLP – Torch LMS Many industries are facing a unique blend of human capital challenges. These challenges include attracting skilled talent to the industry, retaining and engaging top performers, and ensuring that their people have the skills required to make the business successful. Most industries also face challenges in preparing the next generation of […]

Workplace training & development is more important than ever. Jack Welch once said, “An organization’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action is the ultimate competitive advantage.” We will look at three ways organizations can increase there competitive advantage through employee learning & development. First, organizations need to reduce risk and consistently ensure […]

Training Management System A training management system is an online learning platform designed to manage and deploy employee training. Employee training is becoming more important to business. It has long been recognized by successful companies as a source of competitive advantage. Cloud technology is allowing organizations to efficiently manage employee training with training management systems. (A […]

While there are many potential benefits of tuition assistance programs (or TAPs), the challenge for business leaders is to manage investments in employee education in a way that maximizes returns–both for the employer and the employee. Not only does a TAP need to encourage the development of specific skills in your workforce, it also needs […]

Within the next decade, organizations will face a number of unique challenges. Many of these challenges can only be addressed through effective leadership practices. Before discussing what skills will be required of leaders in the 21st century, we will review three organizational challenges that constitute what could be called the “Perfect Storm.”

On Jan. 19, 2009 Fortune Magazine ran an article stating that, “Recessions end…When this lousy stretch is over will your company be more competitive or less? The most successful companies never stop funding their most critical competencies…For virtually all companies, a critical part of their core is the continual development of employees. Yet it’s remarkable how many […]