Learning Management Systems: How Do Learning Management Systems Work?

Learning Management Systems (or LMSs) have become quite popular in academics and business in recent years, but many people are still left puzzled as to what exactly the term describes. We wanted to clarify both for our potential clients and for the generally curious what these systems are and how they’re changing the way that we learn and interact in academia and in the workplace.

While there have been many precursors to the current day LMS, the first system that resembles what we have now was called FirstClass, a piece of software developed by SoftArc and used in the 90’s and early 2000’s  to deliver online learning across Europe. The LMS was used primarily for educational and schooling purposes around the time of its development, but it was quickly adapted for use in the workplace when businesses realized the value of a computerized employee training program.

So what do all of these systems do? The short answer is that an LMS is an online portal that delivers online learning courses and materials to students, but this is not all that they do. Learning Management Systems can come with many different features that enrich a student’s learning experience and makes it easier for teachers to reach their audience, but the basics are these: integration of learning across the system, management of learning material and outcomes, tracking of student’s progress, and more personalized instruction.

These features make LMSs a powerful tool for both the academic world and the business world, as they allow teachers and students to do more, more easily, with less time and money spent on both sides. They make effective creation, distribution, and tracking of eLearning courses and material possible, and the right one can make a world of difference to the success of a learning enterprise.

However, our workplace learning professionals at Prometheus identified many ways in which current Learning Management Systems are still insufficient for the unique needs of business owners. This is why we created Torch LMS, an LMS designed specifically with these unique needs in mind. We’ve created a system that is easier to use and provides more value to our customers than the many other options that are currently on the market. For more information about the suite of features offered by Torch LMS, visit our website or contact our world class customer support team today.

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