Some of the top retail brands in the world use Torch LMS to gain a competitive edge. We know employee training is particularly important in retail: Getting new hires to full productivity quickly, ensuring a high level of product knowledge, and differentiating the business through helpful and consistent customer service. Built as a business LMS, Torch is uniquely suited for the retail industry because of the many features we created in direct partnership with our retail customers. Integration with your HR or POS systems, single sign-on authentication, highly-intuitive user interface, and mobile responsive design are just a few of the benefits we can provide. Torch LMS also offers extensive branding options, fewer clicks to get things done and a highly automated admin process. For example, supervisors receive custom reports by email, and our highly dynamic user management features allow you to auto-assign users based on any data field - even custom fields.  Torch LMS can also be branded uniquely for each different user group.

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