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After years (3!) of researching a replacement LMS, with very high expectations, we (Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health) identified Torch as the ONLY one meeting all of our requirements. Very specific requirements, and a lot of them. We were expecting a lot and willing to settle a little. Didn't have to though! We were one of the first adopters of the "Enterprise" version and after some initial hiccups to work through (that aren't there anymore), we're very pleased with the system. WE meaning our LMS administrators but moreso our users- it provides users with a simple experience that helps them learn and get the job done with no hassle. Working with Prometheus has been a great experience. Good support, they're adaptable and not only take enhancement requests but implement the best of them. The system is comprehensive in functionality, has a fast UI, and very easy to use. It's sufficiently customizable, scalable, and I look forward to the regular enhancements that make it better all the time.Pros- Fast searching/filtering- Very easy/fast to credit learners with multiple activities (great for an organization that conducts and needs to document lots of instructor led activities)- Very robust options for automation (assigning specific activities, etc.)- Customizable "user" fields to allow for detailed user information- Excellent Grouping functionality (learner groups based on many potential criteria) - helpful for a large organization with many different categories of learners- Reporting allows full access to all user and learning dataCons- As a fairly new Enterprise system, there are still some glitches/minor bugs (to which the company is responsive to fixing)- Reports export as .csv. Not a big deal for those comfortable with Excel, but if exported to .xls or other format with some formatability would be nice. Not a dealbreaker though!- No integrated eCommerce (e.g., shopping cart/payment) functionality
Jeremy Aho
Jeremy Aho
19:49 14 Dec 16
We recently upgraded from Torch Pro to Torch Enterprise and we're glad we did. Everything wasn't as smooth as butter, but working with Max, Jaron, and Carley at Torch made it worth while. We did get everything running like we wanted and the people at TORCH bent over backwards to make sure we were getting what we needed. The main reason for the 5 star rating is for the people at Torch working as hard as they did. Now that it's in and working we're happy with it and it does everything they promised. The reporting could be a little more robust, but they say it's coming and from what they've done in the past, I trust them.
Mike Pitts
Mike Pitts
21:15 26 Oct 16
Max Jacobson
Max Jacobson
18:44 19 Dec 15

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User Group Management

User-group management is the heart and soul of automation and reporting, and nearly every other LMS gets this wrong. Each individual user is a star in our system – able to receive all the best training, delivered automatically, all because there are no restrictions in how you can create groups and manage automation, even on the fly.


Reporting in Torch LMS could do more to simplify and empower your work life than anything else. No more manual spreadsheets – make your reports as details as you need them, and schedule regular automated report delivery to anyone, everyone, and every group in between. Measure impact like never before, and share that insight across your organization.

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