Corporate LMS: Torch LMS’s Top Ten Little (Unique) Features That Make a Big Difference

Success is often in the details, and at Torch LMS we’re dedicated to giving you everything you need to help your employees be successful throughout their careers in your organization. We talk a lot about the big differences between our LMS and our competitors, but there are also a bunch of little things that make Torch LMS easier and more effective. These often overlooked features can make a big difference in the ease of use and effectiveness of your training. Here are just 10 of our favorite small but mighty features that are unique to Torch LMS.

1. Search-As-You-Type

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The search-as-you-type feature in the Torch LMS catalog makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for quickly and see all of the items related to your search. As you enter characters into the search bar, the system recognizes the characters and begins to filter the list you’re looking at as you type.

2. User Submit Training (with Optional Supervisor Approval)

If an employee has received training that they would like to have listed on their company transcript, they can easily request this by submitting the training with any relevant documents or certification. This feature can be set to automatically approve these submissions or to go through a supervisor for approval.

3. Drill-Down and Add Fields While Reporting (Without Rerunning)

With Torch LMS, user reports can be easily accessed and edited within the application. From inside Torch LMS you can quickly view visual representations of data and even get reports based on users or by details. You can add new columns and automatically update the report throughout the system. We give you all of the tools you’ll need to build useful reports without ever having to leave the application.

4. Email User Groups from the System

Stop fumbling with clunky email distributing systems. Your LMS should be able to do this for you! With Torch LMS, you’ll be able to create and organize groups within the system, and quickly send off emails to everyone in a specific group with the touch of a button.

5. Create Custom Apps

Customizable apps are like shortcuts for your home screen. Users and administrators can create custom apps that will open up to a training activity, specific category in the catalog, or to a URL from either the internet or your company intranet. This makes it easy for everyone using the system to quickly get to activities, categories or websites that they use often, saving valuable time.

6. Customizable Admin Dashboard

Torch LMS’s admin dashboard is like reporting lite- you can easily access graphs, charts and tables that quickly give you important metric information about your employees. This dashboard can be thoroughly customized by each individual admin, providing a variety of useful widgets, whose data can be displayed differently depending on the preference of the user. This data can be further specified by limiting the information to specific groups or users. Helpful information like “How many requirements are passed due? In each group?” can be seen at-a-glance and printed so that the admins have access to high level information without having to run a report whenever they need it.

7. In-App Notifications (plus Email Alerts)

Notifications are automatic messages that are triggered by actions taken by users and administrators. They communicate information such as passed due dates, upcoming due dates, and training approval both within the app and through email alerts. This helps keep users on top of their training and is one less thing that administrators need to handle manually.

Notifications and announcements can be customized and managed by assistant admins. While notifications show up under the notification tab, announcements can be placed directly on the dashboard of users and can be set to disappear after a certain amount of time has passed. Notifications and announcements are useful tools for communicating quickly and informally with your employees.

8. Separate Site Branding Profiles on One Site

You can customize the look and branding of your system from group to group, making it possible for you to provide different views and images for different organizations within your business. You can choose from our templates or create your own, all without having to create separate sites.

9. Import All Media Files in One Step

The media library in Torch LMS couldn’t be easier to use! Just drag and drop as many files as you’d like from your computer into the drop field and start uploading.

10. Question-Level Quiz Reporting (Including SCORM)

This feature is one that really sets Torch LMS apart from the crowd! Torch LMS is capable of recognizing information collected by eLearning modules such as SCORM and providing detailed reporting on these modules. You can see things like question-by-question statistics on the whole, for groups, or by user, and convert these into usable reports. This seamless integration between LMS and eLearning modules is a powerful solution for employee training efficiency.

Employee training is an important part of any organization, so don’t waste time on ineffective business LMSs that cost you more time and money. Choose the smart LMS that was developed by business learning professionals especially for the work environment. Our feature rich system has everything you need for fast, effective employee training that isn’t buggy or difficult to use. Try out a demo today, or contact our expert customer service team to learn more about what our system can do for your business.

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