It has been said that an organization’s ability to learn faster than its competitors is the ultimate competitive advantage. Torch LMS is committed to providing organizations with tools that will help them increase their competitive advantage through learning & development.

Our core product is Torch LMS. Torch LMS is a best-in-class learning management system focused on helping businesses maintain world-class learning & development programs. Brandon Hall awarded Torch LMS the “Gold – Best Advance in Learning Technology” for 2013 and 2014. Our goal is to help you improve the performance capacity of your greatest (and usually largest) business investment: Your people. Torch LMS can help you track and maintain regulatory compliance training, and determine, implement, and maintain standards of competence across your organization. Torch has all the tools you need to manage, deliver, track, and report on employee development. Torch will empower your organization to capture and disseminate best practices, lessons learned, quickly implement change initiatives, and close skill gaps in your workforce.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to delight our customers by providing the most intuitive, business-focused learning management system with unparalleled service

Our Story

Our founder has used and tested a number of systems over the years, and as a learning and development executive, discovered major shortcomings with existing systems. He was looking for a system that was easy to use, intuitive, efficient in its processes, and sought a business partner as a solution provider with personalized customer service. Every system he encountered came up short. This led him to start Torch LMS, with the goal of developing the ultimate learning management system, and providing the gold standard in customer satisfaction and support.

Several industry reports have confirmed that over half of LMS buyers are considering switching to another system. There are many reasons for this dissatisfaction. We feel strongly that we have addressed these issues.

Our product is designed around efficiency, ease-of-use, and doing the essentials really well. First and foremost, we have designed a system around what learning managers really need on a daily basis, and what organizations need to ensure that the learning function is delivering its promised results. We have also learned from the shortcomings of other systems and have developed a unique and powerful LMS.

We are passionate about having a powerful product, but we are equally focused on providing world-class service. Our team gains a lot of satisfaction from developing excellent relationships with our customers, and by exceeding their expectations.

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