Torch LMS

Engineered for Business
Designed by Workplace Learning Professionals

Torch LMS

A Learning Management System Engineered for Business and
Designed by Workplace Learning Professionals

Save Up to 70% of your Time

Torch LMS Course Requirements

Deliver Training with Powerful Simplicity

Torch Learning Management System (LMS) is a hosted, web-based application that allows organizations to easily manage and track employee training. It is both powerful and easy to use.  Torch LMS software is as powerful as the most expensive solution providers, but more affordable and more intuitive to use.

The system focuses on the essentials of workplace learning, with a particular emphasis on usability, automation, and tracking compliance training. Training administrators will spend far less time setting up classes, inputting data, and reporting. The system makes these and many other processes very easy—and in some areas, it does these things for you. Training professionals need a system that is easy to use, requiring minimal training to use it effectively; a system that empowers them with actionable reporting data so they can focus on strategy and relationships.

Easily Manage Your Team

Successful learning & development programs make supervisor involvement and accountability a central focus. Torch LMS empowers managers and supervisors with tools to track the progress of their direct and indirect reports. They also have tools to take action, including assigning training, giving credit for training, approving items, emailing employees with incomplete requirements and more. And supervisors do not have to access the administrative tools to use these tools.

Torch LMS also organizes your employees into an organizational hierarchy and user groups, making managing and communicating with employee’s just a click away. Our customers love how easy our team management tools are for their supervisors.

Torch LMS My Team

Customized for Your Business

Your brand says a lot, that’s why we’ve made it so you can customize the look and feel of the system to match your brand.

What People are Saying about Torch LMS

Brandon Hall (LMS Analyst Firm)

Torch is one of the cleanest, most intuitive systems on the market. In both user and admin modes, the platform presents itself with an uncluttered, orderly appearance with appropriate amounts of white space.

Brandon Hall (LMS Analyst Firm)
Charlotte Anderson, Sr Manager, Organization & Employee Development

Torch is a very robust product for international organization. We had an exceptionally long ‘wish list’ of features and Torch offers that. Our priorities were 1.) the user experience, 2.) functionality and flexibility, 3.) administrator ease-of-use. The customer support is unusually friendly, professional and very responsive. We have no regrets about our vendor or product selection whatsoever.

Charlotte Anderson, Sr Manager, Organization & Employee Development / IEEE
System Administrator

The more I use the system the better it gets. We have a great thing going right now. Thanks for your help in customizing the site. I believe this will make a big, big difference in the performance of our sales reps.

System Administrator / Retail Business
Matt Visser, President

Every once in a while a new technology changes the way we do business. Prometheus Development has done that for our partner and employee training which is highly critical given our industry. Torch LMS is intuitive, simple, and accommodating.  There are many learning management systems on the market today, but Torch is the only one I would recommend. It is truly an exceptional business tool.

Matt Visser, President / Victig
Dave Buchanan, Director of Learning and Development

Our company has been using Torch LMS for nearly 2 years now and it has been a tremendous asset to our Learning and Development program. We used another vendor prior to switching and the functionality and interface have been a world of difference. Courses are easy to find, progress is simple and quick to view and the administrative functions allow us to manage our program efficiently. I would recommend Torch LMS to any company looking to increase their employee engagement when it comes to Learning and Development.

Dave Buchanan, Director of Learning and Development / Spring Mobile