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Since their advent, Learning Management Systems (LMSs) have been used for a myriad of different purposes. Many software providers are aware of the different reasons that people use LMSs, and they design programs that are specifically marketed to just one kind of user or another. When we designed Torch LMS, we started with an eye […]

When you are looking for the right Learning Management System (LMS) the options can seem overwhelming. How do you know what features to look for, and how to compare one system against another? While the process may seem difficult, the bottom line is that any system needs to be user friendly for both the administrators […]

Effective employee training is vital to any business, regardless of its size or market. Equipping your new employees with the knowledge, practices, and missions associated with their position and the company as a whole is important to employee performance and morale. You can’t adequately keep your company competitive in the fast paced, modern business world […]

Part of of selling the system to a smaller business is helping them understand that this is not simply a web site that let’s you deliver web training. They should just use YouTube for that. No. This is more like hiring a highly skilled employee that can take care of all your training, compliance tracking, and reporting (and much more!)…and a very inexpensive company intranet to boot. And this is a pretty cheap “employee.”